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To maintain effective protection of the surface of your home’s internal floors, patio, pool area, driveway, retaining walls, or interior floors, they need to be cleaned and resealed every 3-4 years. Sealing cannot be performed unless the surface is deeply cleaned, and this can only be done by high pressure cleaning.


The first step to pressure cleaning is clearing the area for any obstructions. The high pressure cleaning equipment is then switched after attaching the hose that feeds water into it. The area is given a once-over pressure clean to remove smaller loose debris like pebbles, branches, and leaves. Once completed, the soaping nozzle is attached to blast detergent, which is left to soak for about 5 minutes.

The main pressure cleaning is started by attaching surface cleaner to the equipment. This allows water to be dispersed over a large area to reduce the risk of damaging the surface material. It releases high pressure water jets that eliminate grime and dirt from the surface. Finally, the surface is rinsed to expel the detergent.

tips on high-pressure cleaning in perth project 1c
tips on high-pressure cleaning in perth project 1c


A1 Driveway Coatings is WA’s leading expert service provider of high pressure cleaning for any type of surface. We utilize a combination of hot water and pressure, which means the need to use harsh chemicals is reduced, which is better for you, your property, and the environment.

We at A1 Driveway Coatings use and always recommend West Australian-made products specifically designed for local weather conditions to ensure you have the best durable protection for your property. We offer the best high pressure cleaning services in Perth, which include:

High pressure water cleaning of your driveway, patio, or pavers

Our high pressure water cleaning equipment removes mould, mildew, algae, old paint, tire marks, grease and oil marks, graffiti, or any ugly or unwanted filth effortlessly.

Surface preparation and restoration

We ensure that any surface is spotless and in the best condition before we proceed with sealing, painting, or repair. Our services prove to be a cost-effective investment in maintaining your property and keeping its curb appeal.


Experience the quality high pressure cleaning A1 Driveway Coatings provides. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have completed more than 4500 jobs of different scales around Perth.
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Because high pressure cleaning involves so much force and handling high pressure cleaning equipment demand certain technical knowledge and experience, it is recommended for you and your household’s safety to hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Our professional and expert cleaning technicians at A1 Driveway Coatings perform high pressure cleaning services according to strict occupational health and safety guidelines. With our latest high-pressure cleaning equipment, you will be impressed with the results.

Contact A1 Driveway Coatings now for a free quote – you will be pleasantly amazed at the price we can offer you!


The only difference between a power wash and a pressure wash is the kind of machine they use. The machine utilised in power washing has a heater for the water, while a pressure wash uses regular temperature water. Both power wash and pressure wash require highly pressurized water to clean hard surfaces, using practically the same amounts of pressure, depending on the machine.

A power wash is suited for large spaces, including industrial and commercial spaces. The hot water breaks up dirt efficiently and makes the whole process much faster. However, power wash cannot be applied on just any type of surface as how water can damage it. It is best for hard surfaces outdoors like concrete that is exposed to heavy traffic and various elements. The hot water plus high pressure effortlessly washes away mold and mildew from patios, oil and grease stains from driveways, as well as gum from sidewalks. However, power wash cannot be used on just any type of surface as how water can damage it. It is best for hard surfaces like concrete.

A pressure wash is good for indoor and regular household use. It can clean any type of surface quickly and efficiently.

Yes, power washing can damage concrete, especially if it is already weak. Power washing damage is mainly caused by incorrectly handling the power washer. Technical errors like setting excessive pressure, spraying too close to the concrete surface, holding the nozzle on one spot too long, and even using the wrong nozzle can easily cause irreversible damage to concrete if not careful.

Concrete driveways require about 3000 pressure per square inch (psi). This is double the usual amount of pressure used for cleaning regular decks and other exterior surfaces, which is only 1500 psi. Brick driveways can only handle a maximum of 2500 psi.


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